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StudioLingua was founded in 2023 by a group of parents and educators who realized that there was not an Italian immersion school in Portland that met the needs of working families and that provided children with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Italian language and culture at an early age.


We are committed to creating a community of early learners with a strong foundation in American and Italian language and culture. Our goal is to grow our school and community programs to a point where children have opportunities to continue their language and cultural immersion throughout their primary and secondary education. Our hope is to enrich the lives of children and families through cross-cultural experiences that have enhanced the lives of our founders and staff through their connections to Italian and American culture.



StudioLingua provides a safe and nurturing bilingual environment for children to explore, grow, and learn. Language and culture go hand in hand, and we strive to create an immersive and inclusive Italian preschool experience that will help our students acquire the language and develop a multicultural worldview. Our teachers are highly trained in early childhood education and experienced in the Reggio Emilia approach, allowing children to learn through exploration and collaboration.


Our name is grounded in the Italian approach to early childhood education and the value and benefits of learning a second language. StudioLingua references two words: “Studio,” which means workshop in Italian and refers to the Reggio Emilia approach (an educational philosophy and pedagogy) where children explore art in all its forms and “Lingua,” which means language in Italian and refers to an immersive experience in a second language. The merging of the Reggio Emilia approach and dual language instruction is core to our program's mission and founding principles.

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