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Reflecting on StudioLingua's Free Italian Cultural Classes for Kids

At StudioLingua, we recently wrapped up a fantastic series of free Italian cultural classes for kids, made possible by the generous support of the Comites of San Francisco. We are thrilled to share a recap of the ten-week program that brought the vibrant essence of Italian culture to our community.

A Dive into Italian Traditions

This series was designed to immerse participants in Italian culture through a variety of hands-on activities. Each week, children explored different facets of Italian arts and traditions, enhancing their appreciation and understanding of this beautiful culture.

The Activities

The diversity of our offerings was a key highlight—children engaged in bookmaking and art activities inspired by Italian artistic legacies.

In cooking classes, our young chefs learned how to make classic dishes like pasta and the ever-popular gelato. These sessions were fun and educational, giving kids a taste of Italy's famed culinary heritage.

Music and Magic

Music played a pivotal role in our series. Under the guidance of the talented Jen Forti, the younger kids explored various musical genres that influence Italian music, learning rhythms and melodies that resonate through Italian history. For the series finale, Stefano Iaboni captivated everyone with a magic show, combining humor and illusion in a way that only he can.

Community and Gratitude

We are incredibly grateful for the support from the Comites of San Francisco, whose partnership was instrumental in bringing this program to life.

Thank you to all the families who joined us. Your involvement and enthusiasm have reinforced our commitment to celebrating and sharing Italian culture.

Stay tuned for more updates from StudioLingua as we plan future events!


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